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Hyundai vehicles enjoy the leading market position in Palestine as the most popular brand of automobiles sold throughout the country. This is because Hyundai vehicles are a worldwide, trusted brand for superior-quality and reliable vehicles and they are ideally suited to Palestine´s particular driving environment.

Globally, the Hyundai Motor Company is headquartered in South Korea, and produces over 4.96 million cars annually that are sold in more than 200 countries. Hyundai thrives on continuous challenge and limitless innovation and strives to create a new automobile culture by bringing a fresh perspective for vehicles through the creation of innovative mobility solutions that are based on human-centric, eco-friendly technologies and services.

Hyundai has an international reputation for reliability and performance that is recognized by experts and generates a steady stream of interest from the media and international motor shows. Nevertheless, Hyundai´s automobile excellence goes beyond just producing and supplying automobiles; in all its dealings, Hyundai strives to become a trusted lifetime partner of its customers to maintain an ongoing connection that deepens its global reputation for trust and reliability.

Hyundai´s lifetime partnership is something that the Palestine Automobile Company (PAC), as the sole distributer for Hyundai in Palestine, also embodies. PAC not only sells customers superior-quality automobiles, but also delivers first-class, after-market services that ensure that PAC´s customers are able to partner with PAC to receive the best maintenance and customization of their vehicle for the entire lifetime of that vehicle.